This is it!!! The final post of the One Room Challenge!!! A HUGE thanks to the One Room Challenge media sponsor Better Homes & Gardens and Linda from Calling it Home for putting on such an incredible event! Congrats to all of the designers and their amazing spaces!!!

What a FUN 6 weeks…so much work, but soooo much fun! The best part? I have a completed space, wooohooooo!!! My goal was to take my laundry room from this…

to THIS!!!

This week I finished up all of the details…installing the cabinet toe kick, cabinet hardware, rugs, accessories, faucet installed and drying rack. Oh sure there were a few items that are still pending, but the major design elements are done and I couldn’t be happier! So let’s take a look at how this space came together!

and from this…

to THIS!!!

I am so glad I decided to participate as a guest paticipant…it was for sure a lot to take on, but in the end I am so thrilled with how my space came together. This room could not have been possible without all of the amazing and generous contributors and sponsors…so THANK YOU!!!

My amazing sponsors

Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting – Renee Wall Sconce

Rugs USA  | Chunky Jute Rug | Faux Cowhide

Wallternatives | Meadow by Bari J

Art Work | Minted (arriving soon)

Other items

IKEA Cabinets | Countertops | Sink | Faucet

Home Goods | Accessories

Behr Paint | Black

Home Depot | MDF Primed Shiplap

Catch up on previous the weeks here:

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  1. Jessica says

    I am dying over your laundry room! Every little thing is so perfect. I randomly found you via Pinterest and I love everything you do! This room is incredible- great job. I can’t wait to read more through your blog- and also to check back for that artwork! I love it!

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