Laundry Room Makeover | ORC Fall 2019 | Week 2

Well friends…it’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge and last week I shared my vision for my space and I am so excited that things are moving along. I started this week with taking down the basic builder shelf in order to make room for the cabinets and wall treatment.

So, in order to remove the shelf, I used a utility knife to cut around the caulk and followed up with a chisel and a mallet to get is away from the wall. I wasn’t too worried about damaging the wall because I plan to cover it up.

See? No more shelf…YAY!!!! I did manage to make my way to IKEA to pick up all of the cabinets, sink and hardware to begin assembly over the weekend. Once I get all of the cabinets assembled and installed I think things will start to speed up. Here is my updated to-do list:

  • minor demo | remove builder shelf
  • order wallpaper | install wallpaper
  • order and assemble cabinets
  • order lighting
  • order rugs
  • cut & fit countertops
  • paint walls
  • build barn boor
  • build washer|dryer surround
  • install sink & faucet
  • trim out window with casing & sill
  • install lighting
  • install wall shelves
  • accessorize

I am so excited for this upcoming week…I think the the layout will come together and I will be able to really get a visual of how this room is taking shape. Make sure to stop back by plus check out all of the talented participant! See you soon!

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