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So…you may have noticed a “NEW” look over here and you are correct!  The Petite Party Studio blog received makeover and is now Make & Do Studio.  All good though…PPS has had a good run and it was just time to go our separate ways in the creative world. Blogging was where I started 10 years ago and really still where I’d love to continue to share my love for DESIGN, DIY, PARTIES & MORE!!!  So here I am and in case we haven’t met, I’m Rebecca!!  Feel free to read my backstory HERE…however, my blogging journey began waaaay back when…actually…I got my start & blogging creds as a contributor and design expert for Project Nursery.   I didn’t know what a blog was at that time and really fell in love with being able to connect with and inspire so many people with the creative ideas that occupied my head space.  So welcome if this is your first time visiting and hello again if you’ve been here before!  I hope you all will continue to follow along on my new journey!  Lots of good things coming!

xoxo~ rebecca

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