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We are for reals excited to share all of the details for the latest event we did.  Have you guys heard of Operation Shower?  Well let me tell you…it is seriously the most amazing organization.  They host gorgeous baby showers for military families all across the country with the support of their amazing sponsors.  This year we were asked to be involved as the designers for the shower that was being hosted in Phoenix.  We have helped out in past years so we have a love for the cause and all of the amazing people involved with Operation Shower, so of course we said YES!!!!  When we first started the process of being involved…the first step is coming up with a theme.  We came up with Boho Baby…we wanted to play of the relaxed desert vibe that we have here is Phoenix and thought this theme would be perfect for the expecting moms-to-be.  The graphics were designed first with watercolor cacti & arrows.  Here is what our jumping off point was.

Operation Shower Boho Baby

One of the sponsors, Carousel Designs, supplied this amazing Onyx Arrow Striped fabric that also helped to jumpstart our inspiration.

Carousel Design

We used this pattern throughout the shower, it really helped to tie in all of the elements.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 5

For the decor, we created a budget friendly yet impactful idea for the chair backs.  We took strips of fabrics that varied in colors and patterns keeping with the colors in our graphics.  Simply attach pieces of twine to each end of the chair and then attach the strips of fabric to the twine.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 3

Centerpieces were made up of spray painted tin cans, paper shreds, paper cactus and brightly colored honeycomb balls.  We used mini mylar balloons to designate each table number.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 4

Operation Shower Boho Baby 7

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 6

Various garlands and balloons were used all around to tie in the theme and add color.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 8

We thought a teepee dressed with garlands, such a fun element to add to one of the gift tables.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 9

Operation Shower Boho Baby 10

Our favorite part of the design had to be the dessert table!!!  I mean…we were loving the way it all came together and our AMAZING bakers | artists over at Inspired Sugar made our sweet treat vision come to life!

So first up, the backdrop was this incredible DIY yard wall hanging…so perfect for bringing in the theme and visual texture.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 12

Cactus were cut out from wood for decor elements.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 13

The cake inspiration started with the fabric design.  We also asked for succulents and gold leafing.  The Inspired Sugar girls made a last minute decision to add the watercolor back into the middle layer…good call ladies!!!  We had some rock candy left over from the cupcake decor so we thought it would be cute on the cake too!

Operation Shower Boho Baby 16

Can you believe these succulents are sugar??!!  Amazing!!!

Operation Shower Boho Baby 15

We wanted to keep the cupcakes simple so the attention could be drawn to the cake and cookies.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 17

Operation Shower Boho Baby 18

Sticking (lol) with the cactus theme, we wanted to figure out a way to make the cookies stand up and look “planted”.  We found these long wood boxes, filled them with packed brown sugar to hold the cookies in place and then sprinkled crushed graham cracker crumbs to resemble the desert.

Operation Shower Boho Baby 19

Operation Shower Boho Baby 20

Not only does Inspired Sugar create amazing works of art through their craft, their treats are seriously soooooo delicious!  Thanks ladies!

So now that we’ve covered the decor and treats, here is a peek at the rest of the shower.  Each guest received a “Shower in a Box” filled with all sorts of awesome products for the very generous sponsors.

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 1

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 2

All of the guests were surprised with darling activity gyms.

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 3

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 4

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 5

Special guests were there to present gifts to all of the moms.  Pictured here is Andrea Robinson from Fox 10, she is a long time volunteer.   We had a chance to chat with her and Operation Shower is a cause she loves supporting.  She has come back year after year to MC the event.

Boho Baby Shower Operation Shower 8

It really was such an incredible day, we feel so honored to have played a small part in such a big day for these military moms.  A huge thanks to Michelle of Bash Conference for making everything run seamlessly.  Rebecca, Jenna, Jamilla and all of the other volunteers for their hard work.  To all of the military families…thank you for your service, to Operation Shower, the sponsors…thanks for making all of this possible and be totally amazing!!!!  Thanks everyone!!!!  xoxo

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