DIY Boy’s Pallet Bedroom Refresh

Pallet Beds for toddlers

Hello…It’s been a while since we’ve chatted about one of our favorite projects…my DIY toddler pallet beds.  So today we are going to show you the DIY Boy’s Pallet Bedroom Refresh. I first rolled these beds out when I was needing to bunk up two of my boys when we were expecting baby #3.  It was a big project to take on while I was pretty preggers, but let me tell you…it was soooooo worth it.  We have since moved and my littles no longer need to share a room, but as far as space saving options and the perfect sleepover solution, these junior sized bed have definitely come in handy.  If you want to see the original space, peek over HERE.  Also, if this is the first time you are seeing these, these beds were built to fit the Vyssa Vinka junior mattress from IKEA  The beds have been gifted from my oldest little onto my middle little.  His room is in the process of getting a small makeover but I thought it would be fun to see how these beds have been used in two different spaces, so here you go!

DIY Pallet Bed

DIY toddler pallet beds


Pallet bed for kids

Pallet Beds

DIY Toddler Pallet Beds


DIY Pallet Beds by petite party studio




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