School's Out…Summer Camp 2012 is that time of year where I need to step it into 7th gear to plan and execute my oldest son’s birthday par’te.  This is a busy time for us since my partner is crime has two birthday parties to create for her lil’ buddies.  In fact, we just finished up her son’s 3rd birthday party,  it was an “Art Party”  mostly focused on painting.  She is working on getting the pics, but here is a peek into the colorful celebration from last weekend…

So for Brandt’s 4th birthday, I am spinning off of the whole camping theme and utilizing the time of year.  His birthday is mid May and the school year is coming to a close.  A time when school is out and kids are ramping up for all sorts of summer camp activities.  I went to summer camp as a kiddo…a super fun memory from my childhood that I am hoping to recreate for Brandt for this next party.  Here is the “prelim” invite we are using as a jumping off point.

Here are some ideas for the party:

cardboard canoe races

art center – make tie dye t-shirts

fishing pond

horseback riding

picnic style boxed lunches

s’mores kits

I have also enlisted one of my gal pal’s son to play the role of the camp counselor.  We will set up a registration area to welcome the campers and play off of the nostalgia of summer camp.  Stay tuned for more details as it quickly approaches….WEEEEEEE!!!!


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