For the {LOVE} of Custom

We often get many requests for custom invitation designs.  Sometimes the inspiration comes from a board on Pinterest, a magazine clipping, store window, kids bedding, etc…the list can go on and on but the designing process has to start somewhere.

Here is the latest custom request.  A dear, longtime friend is having a baby and needed invites.  She picked a stock design from our shop that she liked but…when we found out she was designing her nursery around the Hayley Collection form Pottery Barn Kids we knew that this had to be a custom invite!  Here is what we came up with.

Here is another one we also fell in love with…

Our very sweet, long time customer Carey of Cravings sent us her party inspiration…here is a peek at her Pinterest Board

and here is the design we came up with…

Super cute, right?  We will have to post pics from this ADORABLE party that Carey threw for her darling daughter VERY soon.  We adore they way these inspiration pieces translated into invites for such special occasions.  Both design just might make their way into our Etsy Shop!


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