DIY Monster Whoopie Pies

Are your kiddos back to school?  Looking for a fun activity to do with them now that schedules are busy?My little LOVE to bake and are super eager to help, plus its a great way for them to get involved and learn!   I’m going to share these FUN DIY Monster Whoopie Pies that I shared on […]

The BEST Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie has become a favorite dessert in our house.  I am totally a chocolate kind of chick, but for some reason, the buttery-sweet crust paired with the tangy key lime filling gets me every time!  This is the perfect dessert for spring and summer BBQ’s, baby showers..really any occasion,  I especially like it […]

banana caramel pie

Hi & Hello!  Welcome to fix it fast Friday!!!  Need a last minute super delish dessert to bring to a summer BBQ or dinner party?  We have just the right sweet treat that you can whip up in less than 10 minutes!! Banana Caramel Pie!!! Here is what you need: Ok…you got this??!!  Ready…set…go!!!  Slice […]

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