Front Door Makeover with Zabitat

OMGEEEEEE you guys!!!!! I did this!!!! I am still in awe of this DIY project and let me tell you why. The last 2 homes we have lived in haven’t had ANY windows near the front door which has always made me a little crazy. I looked into purchasing a new front door with windows […]

Glasses 3 Ways with Zenni Optical

So…I’ve pretty much worn glasses my whole life.  Well, not my whole life, but my eyewear journey did start in 3rd grade.  I was sooooo excited to get my first pair of glasses not realizing that this would be something that would become part of my identity.  I’ve never been able to tolerate contacts so […]

Kids Room Desk Organization & Work Space with Deflecto

Hello friends! One of my favorite things to do when finalizing a space is to set up some sort of organizational system. Making sure a space is organized and has good work flow is super important. I have noticed that when I have supplies within reach and stocked, it improves my productivity overall. I am […]

Front Entry Spring Refresh with At Home Stores

I LOVE when the seasons change and I have an opportunity to refresh a space. Designing, decorating and refreshing spaces are my passion so when I had a chance to team up with At Home Stores to makeover a space I chose my front entry. This is an area that welcomes people into my home […]

Extend your Reach with the BEST Ladder for DIY Projects from Home Depot

This post was sponsored by the Home Depot Starting a project can be intimidating… But finishing a project can be extremely empowering. One thing that gives me more confidence when tackling a project is making sure that I am prepared and have all the supplies I need. A quick trip to the Home Depot is […]

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