Master Bath Makeover with Mitzi Lighting

This is the 3rd new home we’ve moved into and of all 3, we for sure put more upgrades in this home that any other home.  Moving into a new home is a lot of work so we really wanted some of the major design elements to be taken care of.  The items that we were ok to take on were changing out lighting, bathroom mirrors, cabinet hardware and adding in decorative elements.  When Mitzi Lighting wanted to team up, I was thrilled because I knew that changing out the lighting was going to be so impactful and an element that totally fits within our budget.  Okay…Here is the before…we picked a faux marble tile and white cabinets…we opted for standard lighting, no hardware and basic mirrors.  When I saw these lights from Mitzi…I knew they’d be perfect for the space.  The brass and marble together paired with the oversized Edison bulbs are simply gorgeous!

Here is the BEFORE…

and…the AFTER!!!

Total transformation!  These lights are so perfect, and unique and really make the space feel complete.  Changing out something as simple as a light fixture can really amp up your design and add personality and a customized look to any space.  Here is a close up of the light and a few more pics to really see all of the details.

Master Bath Makeover with Mitzi Lighting

Brass hardware

Master Bath Makeover with Mitzi Lighting

New mirrors…

Wallpaper & Accessories

Master Bath Makeover with Mitzi Lighting

It’s amazing to me that a few small changes make such a HUGE impact on the overall design aesthetic.  I recommend having a plan so that your design choices can be cohesive and small changes can be plugged into a design board to see the overall impact on the space.  Other than the hardware…not much in the final space was different from the initial plan.  I decided on the brass hardware to tie in the brass from the light fixture and I think it works perfectly!

Master Bath Makeover with Mitzi Lighting

The wallpaper in this color is no longer available but I found it in a different color HERE


  1. Jessica says

    I’m obsessed with this!! Well done! Where oh where did you find that wallpaper? Is it hold up well against splashing water?

  2. Caitlin Sweeny says

    Love that wallpaper where did you find something like that and what did you then do for the bathtub/shower wall?

  3. Heather says

    Gorgeous design! Yes I am with everyone on here…WHere is the wallpaper from? Also I would love to see what you did with the shower tile.

  4. Leah says

    Beautiful update! I also would like to know where wallpaper is from as I did not see it mentioned in the post.

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