Fall Home Decorating and DIY Decor

Fall Home Decorating and DIY Decor

(DIY Fall Home Decor 19)

I can’t believe summer is over and we are rolling into fall!  The weather is getting cooler and Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner which means it’s time to decorate.  My first stop for holiday decorating is JOANN to see all of the new decor I can use to bring the Fall indoors! So friends? It’s time for Fall Home Decorating and DIY Decor with Make & Do Studio!

The first project I took on was making this cute leather wrapped vase.

 DIY Leather Vase 10.jpg

( DIY Leather Vase 10)

Here is what you will need:

DIY Leather Vase 1

(DIY Leather Vase 1)

Glass Vase

Eucalyptus Leaves Spray

Real Leather Craft Piece

Jute Twine

Optional: Yarn Poms

I started out by punching holes into the edges of the leather piece

DIY Leather Vase 2

(DIY Leather Vase 2)

Then, using the jute twine, I laced the leather piece around the vase

DIY Leather Vase 3

(DIY Leather Vase 3)


Next, I attached 2 yarn poms to add some fall color and then filled with the Eucalyptus Leaves Spray.

DIY Leather Vase 6

(DIY Leather Vase 6)

The next fun, Fall DIY I made was this darling wreath.

DIY Fall Wreath 18

(DIY Fall Wreath 18)

I found this perfect Cooper Wreath hoop and a variety of autumn stems and flowers.  This wreath idea can easily be recreated for any holiday.  Attached the stems and flowers to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

DIY Fall Wreath 3

(DIY Fall Wreath 3)

DIY Fall Wreath 2

(DIY Fall Wreath 2)

I love the way the wreath turned out, the right balance of modern and fall festive!  Now, it’s time to pull all of the DIY & decor element together!

DIY Fall Wreath 10

(DIY Fall Wreath 10)

I love the way that adding some decor to this little stairwell nook brings just the right amount of Fall colors and texture into the home.

Instead of using this Ladder to hang blankets, I thought it’d be fun to dress up with these hoops.

DIY Fall Home Decor 24

(DIY Fall Home Decor 24)

DIY Fall Home Decor 15

(DIY Fall Home Decor 15)

I dressed up this Fall Warm & Cozy Hoop with some left over leaves.

DIY Fall Home Decor 16

(DIY Fall Home Decor 16)

I thought this Fall Leaves Hoop was also a great addition to the decor.

DIY Fall Home Decor 17

(DIY Fall Home Decor 17)

DIY Fall Home Decor 14

(DIY Fall Home Decor 14)

To finish on my Fall vignette…I added in some pumpkins, cute pillows and a cozy throw.

DIY Fall Home Decor 3

(DIY Fall Home Decor 3)

DIY Fall Home Decor 4

(DIY Fall Home Decor 4)

DIY Fall Home Decor 10

(DIY Fall Home Decor 10)

So are you ready for fall?  Well, I sure am!!!  Bring on the pumpkin spice latte!


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