DIY Painted Catcus Favor Bags


We love to come up with fun, new and unique ways to decorate our muslin bags.  These sweet little bags are just the right size to use as favor bags for your next party and make the perfect canvas to paint on for these DIY Painted Cactus Favor Bags!!!  We are slightly cactus obsessed so it was only natural to figure out a way to incorporate this fun theme onto the bags.  No paint brush needed here, just your fab fingertips and you’re ready to paint!

Here is what you’ll need:

Muslin Bags

Craft Paint

Fine Point Sharpie

DIY Favor Bags

Start by placing a piece of cardstock inside the bag so the paint does not bleed all the way through.  Next, you will be using the tips of your fingers to paint on your bags…sorta like finger painting but with a little more intention.  I used two shades of green and picked a place to start.

DIY Favor Bags

I just sort of eyeballed it using my thumbprint towards to bottom and varied the size and paint color to create movement and depth.

Cats Favor Bags


Cactus Favor Bags

This doesn’t have to be exact, I definitely like the abstract look, less intentional and more organic.

Cactus Favor Bags

DIY Cactus Favor Bags

Now that the main cactus is complete, it was time to add the flowers…just a few simple dots of pink and orchid.

DIY Cactus Favor Bags

Once the paint is dry, its time to add the detail with an ultra fine point sharpie.  I used an “X” pattern to make the pricklies on the cactus.

Once the main cactus is complete, it was time to add the flowers.

DIY Cactus Favor Bags

Once the bags are fully dry, they are ready to fill with treats and trinkets for guests to grab and go…or take it one step further and have your guests paint their own bags to make and take!!


DIY Cactus Favor Bags

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