Super Bowl FREE Printables & DIY

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-19

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???!!  We’re kickin’ off this week with some FREE printables to make your Super Bowl party AWESOME…plus a few diy ideas too!!!!

Dress up some store bought cupcakes with these DIY pom pom cupcake toppers and printable party dots and flags.

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-2

To make the pom pom cupcake toppers you need the following:

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY Supplies

1. Cut 3″ pieces of the metallic fringe  2. Attach one end of the cut fringe to the wooden skewer with a dot of hot glue  3. Wrap the fringe around the skewer and secure with another dot of hot glueSuper Bowl 2015 Football DIY-8

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-9

Now, punch two holes in the printable flags and slide onto the skewer

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-23

We also attached party dots to the wooden skewers instead of the typical lollipop sticks to give them some height.  Find the FREE Super Bowl Printables HERE!!!  

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-6

Check back later this week for some more AWESOME Super Bowl entertaining ideas!!  Goooo TEAM!

Super Bowl 2015 Football DIY-4


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