Spiderman Birthday Party

Between the two of us we have five boys!!  Yep, FIVE!!  It’s inevitable that one of them will request some sort of superhero themed party and it is our job to execute that theme in the best way we know how…so why not build a table for the sweets using metal trash cans, cynder blocks and plywood?!  Oh and did I mention that this idea came to fruition a HOUR and a HALF before the party?

spiderman superhero birthday party02 copy

Here is where most of our party inspiration starts…with the invite.  What inspires you?

spiderman superhero birthday party01 copy

Welcome guests with a themed sign on your front door.

spiderman superhero birthday party52 copy

and then details like this happen…kid sized skyscrapers (tutorial coming soon)

spiderman superhero birthday party46 copy

spiderman superhero birthday party47 copy

For the backdrop we used chalkcloth complete with a handrawn cityscape and superhero callouts.

Spiderman Backdrop

The cake was artfully created by one of our fave cake chicks, Bonnie from Inspired Occasions.  She is super spidey spectacular…she also did the cookies!!

spiderman superhero birthday party13 copy

spiderman superhero birthday party23 copy

DIY Oreo Pops made super easy using these candy cake decorations

DIY Spiderman Oreos

Serve up layered jello push pops with stamped spoons and candy spiders

spiderman superhero birthday party20 copy

Spiderman Jello

Power Punch?  Sure!  Take these milk bottles, polka dot paper straws, some printables and gatorade…POW!!

Spiderman Party Drinks

Dress up store bought cupcakes with printable cupcake toppers and candy cups

spiderman superhero birthday party29 copy

spiderman superhero birthday party40 copy

These printable party masks were are great take-away and came in handy when it was time for the pinata!!

Spiderman Masks

Get creative!  Vintage comics were used to cover the dessert table and to create this great penant banner.

spiderman superhero birthday party44 copy

spiderman superhero birthday party45 copy

Dress up your food table with printable food tags and clever names.

Spiderman Party Food

Oh look!!  There is Spidey himself…The Amazing Lincoln!!!


here he is again in his disguise!

spiderman superhero birthday party71 copy

spiderman superhero birthday party06 copy

There you have it! A Superific Spiderman Birthday party!  We hope you enjoyed it!!  Be on the watch for tutorials from this party.

spiderman superhero birthday party39 copy

Do you want to recreate this party?  Get your spidey on with our AMAZING printable collection available in our Etsy Shop!!

Spiderman Birthday Party Printables


  1. jessica says

    great ideas! just curious how you made the red decoration on the front of the table above the comic banner…cute!

  2. Mackenzie says

    Love this party!!! I’m particularly in love with the printables, excellent work!! I followed the etsy link and it says no longer available. 🙁 Is there another place they are available and/or will they be back up on etsy anytime soon? Seriously, such great work!!

  3. Sarah Hoekstra says


    Love the spiderman party display! I sent a message about your package for sale. I was wondering if I could get rid of some of the package that I wouldn’t be using. Please let me know. Thank you!

  4. Sharon says

    I tried following the link to get the printables but it says page not found. 🙁 is there another place I can look for them? They are great!

  5. Meera says

    So nice! My nephew will absolutely love it! Wher I can print it or buy it. Thank you for your creativity.

  6. Crissy Noel says

    Hi! I’m in love with these printables. Are they still available for purchase? Thanks!!


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