Paper Dolls & Paper Airplanes {Pottery Barn Kids Event}

Hello, hello! Before we share our latest Pottery Barn Kids Event we needed to get our last event posted!! The theme was “Let’s Play Pretend”  Our inspiration for this event was a playdate theme that focused on & encouraged creative and imaginitive play.   This fun Paper Airplane book and PBK’s Pink Retro Kitchen helped carry the theme and was the perfect compliment to our  paper arirplane and paper doll printable collections.

For the boys…

A craft table was set up so kids could color and make paper airplanes.

We found this idea on Pinterest {source unknown}  and changed it up  a bit.  We took push pop lollipops, wrapped them with patterned paper, attached sticks of gum as wings and glued on the accessories.  The kids went crazy for these!!

For the backdrop we used PBK’s Tiered Ruffled Sheer Panel and hung a bunch of paper airplanes with a paper doll banner!!

For the girls…We designed this fun invite for a paper doll playdate / party.

A “fake cake” was used as a way to serve up treats.  Yummy pink cupcakes from Inspired Occasions lined the top and “dressed up” Oreos were place around the next tier.

The food doesn’t have to be fancy, simple heart cut out cream cheese and jam sandwiches, fresh fruit and pretzel sticks can fill little tummies before diving into the sweets!

Here is our favorite little addition to our play date.  We call them “Dolly Lollies”  How can you resist?  A lollipop with a dress???  Eeeek!!!

There you go… a few fun ways to host a playdate that is fun and hands-on and totally budget friendly!

All photography provided by the super talented Carlee of OH! Sanp Photography


  1. Lisa Frank says

    I’m loving the printables!! I’m planning a paper doll birthday party for my daughter in November and these would be perfect. Are you going to offer them on the PBK website, or in your shop??

  2. Kali says

    This is such a cute idea! I have my first baby on the way and my family is very into these types of arrangements for children. This I must say is one they haven’t done before! I’ll be able to surprise them (and myself) with this one! Your children really are what it is all about and making them happy will bring happiness into your life and lives around you. Thanks for the inspiration!

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