The Studio {Coming Soon}


Busy little bees over here…in case you haven’t heard…we are moving into a studio.  Yep, a cute, quiant lil’ space we can call our own.  A place we can design, create, hide from the kids, LOL!!  No really, it was an oppotunity we had to run with.   A typical work day for us was usually spend at an establishment that had wi-fi available for our use.  So we knew as we got busier, we needed a place to work…nothing fancy, just some space.  Well, that is what we found…a space smack dab in the downtown area of our town.  We have two rooms to in our space, one that will serve as our work studio and one that we can display and sell party pretties!!  We haven’t officially opened but plan to VERY soon.  We will be sure to share all of the details how our new adventure of “Petite Party Studio” came to life!

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