Hello Martha! {DIY Kitchen Island Makeover}

So…I tend to become a busy little bee when I am pregnant. It goes a little beyond the whole “nesting” thingy and I find myself continually wrapped up in a project of some sort. Problem is…I am NOT a planner…a fly by the seat of my pants kinda chick (totally drives my hubby NUTS!!!) So last weekend, I decided at 8:30 pm on a Friday night that I was going to re-paint my kitchen island. So off I go to one of my favorites places to wander…Home Depot!  I walk in that place and I LOVE the smell. I know…totally goofy, but I truly love the smell, I find it oh so inspiring!

I immediately dart over to the paint department and scout out my DIY BFF Martha and frantically scan my color choices.  Ah-ha!  I spy with my itty bitty eye…the perfect color…Peony, a pinkish / melon-like color.  I LOVE Martha Stewart Paint.  The colors that are available are so awesome, rich yet muted AND it is low VOC too!  So while the paint was mixing I zipped over to the cabinet hardware section and spotted a new knob and drawer pull by Martha too!!  Done & done!  I started in on my project the very next morning and unfortunately I was so excited to get going that I kinda forgot to snap a few before pics.  Here is a somewhat before picture, the island was basically plain ole’ white with blackish-bronzish hardware.


The NEW Hardware…{LOVE}

and…tah-dah!!!  The Reveal!

Well…there it is my completed, spur of the moment DIY project.  I finished it off with a white tray I already had and purchased a  lined basket from Target to hold bread & buns.  Hope you like it!!



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