Save or Splurge?…you decide!

Here’s a little ditty Shannon & I will start featuring on a weekly basis.  We are both trained interior designers and as much as we LOVE to party…we still need to feed to our interior design bug that lives within…hehehe!!!!

By no means are we saying that you shouldn’t spend the benjamin’s…cause if we had it…there are PLENTY on items that we would justify to SPLURGE on…BUT…in times like this and our expanding families, we are always looking for high-end designer looks on our cheapy-chicky budget.

Here goes!!!

The Splurge…Horchow $725.00

The SAVE… $112.99 {option #1}

or…$113.99 also from {option #2}

I went for the SAVE on option #2 and here it is hanging proud in my dining room!!!  Tah-Dah!!

Did I mention shipping was only $2.00!!!!  Score!

Happy Shopping ~xoxo~ Rebecca & Shannon


  1. Christina says

    Oh wow that first one is gorgeous but the price is RIDICULOUS!
    The one from Overstock is just as beautiful!
    Good job “hunting” for a good bargain! 😉

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