Bringing it Back to Basics – A Birthday Bash

So my big, little guy turned 3 in May and as much as I would have LOVED to throw a big ole par’te, I just could’t muster up the umph to get’er-done.  So I was on to plan B.  I talked to a few gal pals about having his party at Peter Piper Pizza and they were a little stunned…their reaction went something like this…

“hmmm…really??  Peter Piper?  What about all of the decorating? your party stuff you LOVE?  I mean, it will be less stress and work, but…really?!”  There were some skeptics but my darling friend leah suggested, “why not still add your party flair at Peter Piper?”

Brilliant idea!!  So on went the planning.  I called up Peter Piper and reserved some space.  I remember days of birthday parties at McDonalds with happy meals and their sugary character cakes that accompanied the mini-bash (think back to 1979).  I also remember dreaming of my party to be held at Showbiz Pizza, games, bright lights, skee ball & prizes (circa 1984).  Well, those days can still be a reality.  Don’t have time to prepare a mega bash?  Call up you local pizza party venue and see what they have available.

Fortuately Peter Piper allowed me to bring in my own sweets and decor!  They even offered to blow up my balloons for me…SOLD!!  So here is what I schemed up…

A mini sweets table compiled of back to basic birthday treats – homemade chocolate chip cookies, rice krispy treats & brownies.  I decorated glass jars with wrapping paper, ribbon and printables, dressed the table with plastic table cloths and used leftover wrapping paper to work as a decorative runner.  I then assembled a a little DIY project to hold the fabulous banner made for Brandt by Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations.  I used boxes wrapped in wrapping paper, inserted foam, covered the foam with paper shreds, inserted wooden dowels, and embellished with lollipops.  Two of the boxes flanked the sweet table and held the banner.  Tah-dah!  My own mobile birthday decor! (:  The set up took 15 minutes and everthing was disposable with the exception of the DIY project and the jars.

Well…the party was a success!  Brandt had a ton of fun with all of his friends, the cost was VERY reasonable compared to what we would usually spend on an at-home party and best part?  We got to leave the MESS there!!!  Wee-hee!!!  Bonus points…cha-ching!!

So, if you don’t have the space at home, run out of time to prepare, or simple don’t have the energy to entertain…call up your local party venue and see what options you have.

Simple Party Printables by Fresh Chick Design Studio available HERE!

Party Styling, Printables, Photography, and Sweets – Fresh Chick Design Studio

Banner – A to Zebra Celebrations

Wrapping Paper – Target

Jars – Homegoods


  1. Erlinda says


    You’re amazing! Beautiful details … are you scrapbooking all this?!



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