Recipe Round Up – Sonoma Chicken Salad

Ok chicks…need a quick, easy and delicious recipe for your next shindig?  Well, this one is straight from my mama’s kitchen and happens to taste just like the awesome chicken salad you can buy at Costco.  We just served it at Shannon’s baby shower 2 weeks ago and it was a HIT!!

No worries…baby shower photos coming soon, but in the meantime…here is FREE recipe download to hold you over (:

[scribd id=53277037 key=key-1qhq5yqm3onc70jencdj mode=list]

hmmm…maybe we should call it “Fresh Chick Chicken Salad?”  Enjoy!!  x0x0~rebecca


  1. aaron greenwood says

    hi there. LOVE it. We are very similar in our recipe for this. I add crumbled bacon & jalapenos to mine sometimes. I am excited to try it with craisins though! Awesome!

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