Advent Calender…Holiday Garland? You choose!

So last week was a wash for posts…sorry ):  Lots going on in the Propes home in preparation for Blake’s 1st birthday party.  I will have so much to share towards the end of this week…the party was a blast!!  Stay tuned….but in the meantime here is a little peek on a DIY project I tackeld among all of the party planning and  orders I am knee deep in.

I was inspired by my blogging friend Amanda of Shindig…she made a fun advent calender and and I wanted to do the same.  I changed it up just a tad by adding fabric scraps along with the ribbon.  Ok…chicks…super easy…if you can use a pair of scissors and tie a knot…you are golden!!!  I busted out my pinking shears and went to work….I haven’t touched these babies since design school!! (;

Here are the deets:

Supplies: pinking shears, scissors, fabric scraps, ribbon, mini knitted ornaments – found at Target for $2 each, and twine

Time: 30 min

1) Cut twine to desired length 2) cut 6″ & 8″ pieces of ribbon and fabric with pinking shears and regular scissors.  3) tie your cut pieces on to the twine…I place an ornament every 4-6 pieces. 4) hang in desired location

Really…is it that simple???  YES!!!  I used the same colors that would coordinate with the rest of my holiday decor.  If I had more time, these fabulous-fresh-fun stands of fun would be all around my house!!!

Oh…I almost forgot…the advent part…the ornament that I purchased are little knitted stockings and mittens…perfect to stick a little note from santa or treat in!!  I purchased 12…to signify the “12 days of Christmas”  and… to lessen the amount of candy my kids receive in a given period of time (;  If you want to add numbers to your advent calender… you can do that too, I left mine blank.

I aslo used ribbon in colors that coordinated with the rest of my holiday decor.  So here it is!    I hope this inspires you to go and make your own version!!

p.s. This may even make an apprerance in Blake’s party!!

So fun and festive…tee-hee!!    Ok…as soon as I get pics back I will show ya’ll what I have been up to!! xoxo~rebecca


  1. Debbie says

    This is absolutely adorable! My kids always loved their advent calendars, usually just a piece of cardboard with little windows and candy tucked inside. This is so much more festive and fun. Next Christmas we will be welcoming our first grandchild, and I’m going to start a tradition with this. Thanks a bunch for sharing your festive inspiration!

  2. Amanda Parker @ Shindig says

    Rebecca — I love it! I actually starting making a friend one last year with little stockings. So adorable, love all the colors! I can’t wait to see pictures from the party. I know you have been so busy — this is such a crazy month, and to throw a big first birthday in there, too, WOW! Try to get some sleep!

  3. Laura @ Live Laugh Celebrate says

    I just came across you site after seeing you on The Party Dress. Your site is so adorable! I love all your work!!

  4. Laura@ Live Laugh Celebrate says

    I just came across your site after seeing you on The Party Dress. Your site is adorable! I LOVE your work!

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