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Have you ever shopped The Home Depot for decor? Well, after you see this room transformation…you will!!! This game room loft has probably been through the most changes in our home. When we moved in, my kids were still knee deep in toys and now I have 2 teens and a tween and our needs for the space have changed. I came up with a plan to turn this sad room into a space that we ALL would love! I shopped The Home Depot online to makeover this space.


For the last year, we have been playing room jenga because I reworked some spaces and this room pretty much got some of the leftovers and was a total afterthought.

To start every room makeover, I always create a mood board. This helps to keep the room cohesive and keeps me on track.

Room Transformation

I really wanted this to potentially be a space that we would all hang out in, so I wanted it to be impactful. I started by wallpapering the entire room which was the perfect choice for impact! I found so many incredible options for wallpaper but this is the amazing wallpaper that I covered the walls in. This wallpaper was so amazing to hang! Even my supervisor approved!

Now that the wallpaper was up it was time to start moving the furniture in. I planned the space with zones. I wanted a space to hang out and watch movies as a family and an area to play games. I searched the Home Depot to find some incredible furniture and decor pieces that help me to achieve this goal. I am loving this black & rattan media console paired with these arched shelves to start building the space.

Room Reveal

Ok…its time to see how this space transformed and came to life! I am so happy with how it all came together.

I loved adding in these framed canvas art pieces (kitty, record, happy) to keep in playful and add that pop of color.

This area with the arched shelves provide so much storage and the faux marble table and boucle chairs are perfect for a family game.

These Velvet curtains were a great way to soften the space while adding color and texture.

I used these gorgeous white and brass wall sconces to dress up around the tv and add in ambient lighting.

These black and brass lamps were perfect to flank the music table.

This cheetah rug may be my favorite add to the space…it’s so bold and playful!

But…the item that my kids are most excited about may be the snack bar with their own mini fridge and gumball machine (of course I had to paint it PINK)

Well friends…thanks for checking out my space! Needing some furniture & decor for an upcoming project? Make sure to check out The Home Depot or grab some of my picks here

black & rattan media console | arched shelves | faux marble table | boucle chairs | cheetah rug

Velvet curtains | kitty art | record art | happy art | gorgeous white and brass wall sconces

black and brass lamp | mini fridge | gumball machine | wallpaper

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