DIY Colorful Floral Canvas

This post is sponsored by JOANN...all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today I am soooooo excited to share this SUPER easy but very impactful DIY Colorful Floral Canvas project! I am still in the process of decorating my new home and I want to add more pieces to my walls that I have actually made. I feel like when I have made the piece it adds a more personalized touch to my decor and it ends up being just what I want. Plus…when is quick, easy and budget friendly I am all in! So? How easy is this DIY project? I’d say on a scale of 1-10…this is as beginner as it gets.

 I took a trip to my local JOANN store to grab some supplies… here is what you are going to need to complete this DIY: 

 Blank Canvas I used a 16″x20″

A variety of Floral Stems

 Craft Paint

 X-Acto Knife

 Glue Gun

 I started by choosing a good sized canvas (16×20) to decorate and a variety of floral stems in the colors that would match my house. This is where you can get super creative…there aren’t any rules! Just grab ones you love!!

Once the slit was made, I started to arrange the flowers “into” the vase. Some of the stems may need to be trim so that too much isn’t hanging down.I also used a very basic painting technique and painted all around the vase and the stems.Once I had all of the stems placed I used my hot glue gun to attach some to the front and secure some of the stems behind.Here is how it all came together…This project was so simple and took very little time to complete…only about 30 minutes. What a great way to add a fun POP of color and a bit of texture!
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