DIY donut diamond rings

Is one of your besties tying the knot & you’re throwing the shower?  Are you the bride and want a fun treat  to serve your potential day of crew?  I have the perfect treat to serve up for your front line gal pals.  I mean…everyone love donuts, right?  It’s ok if you’re not a baker…I took a shortcut for this project.  Here is what you’ll need to make these darling DIY donut diamond rings.

1 dozen glazed or plain donuts

Icing to drizzle

Assorted Sprinkles

Glitter Cardstock

Wood picks

I first used my circuit machine to cut out the diamond shape and then attached the diamond cut outs to wood stick with hot glue.

I purchased this premade glaze but you can whip one up with a traditional powdered sugar glaze recipe.

Using a smooth back and forth motion, ice the donuts.

Once the donuts were iced, I used these bubblegum pink jimmies to dress up the donuts.

Once you are finished adding the sprinkles, its time to bling!  Take your diamond picks and stick them into the side of the donut.

That’s all there is to it!  There are so many ways you can change up and customize your own versions of these DIY donut diamond rings, possibilities are endless.  

Check back later this week to see how to style a bridesmaid proposal!

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