Dreaming up Design…some inspiration to dine on

Dreaming up design inspiration is a way for us to check out and take a break from the day to day shenanigans.  When planning a space we love to start off with a piece of inspiration.  I recommend picking something that you can use as a jumping off point to drive your design in a specific direction.  The one thing I would not use as a starting point would be a specific paint color…of couse you can use a color of paint to inspire a feel or a color scheme, but I wouldn’t go painting any walls until your room starts to take shape.  It is much easier to match your paint to an area rug or a fabric swatch rather than painting an entire room to then go on a hunt for the pieces to match.  With this inspiration board I fell smitten for this rug from Overstock and started to build the room around it.

What inspires you?  How do you start to plan the design of a room?

Dining Room Inspiration Board

1. glasglow dining chair / 2. exeter jar pendant light / 3. china hutch / 4. ronan pedestal table / 5. chipper bird art / 6. pacific madeline banquette / 7. genesis floral rug / 8. jackson metal tub chair