DIY Tissue Fringe Chandelier

Our NEW favorite product has to be Tissue Fringe Garland.  There are a GAZILLION ways to use this fun & festive decor and our latest creation is this tissue fringe party chandelier.  Here is the “how-to” to make your very own DIY Tissue Fringe Chandelier

Tissue Fringe Chandelier

What you will need:

Tissue Fringe Garland (we used 3 packs)

Embroidery Hoop



Monofilament Line

Tissue Chandelier

Cut your tissue fringe into pieces, we cut them into 12″ strips

Tissue Chandelier 2

We opted for 3 colors to match our party color scheme

Tissue Chandelier 3

Next, tape the cut pieces onto the embroidery hoop

Tissue Chandelier 4

We placed them right next to one another, overlapping just slightly

Tissue Chandelier 6

Continue around until the entire hoop is covered

Tissue Chandelier 9

Once the hoop is covered, we tied the monofilament line to the hoop to hang from the ceiling.

You can also modify the chandelier by using a smaller emboidery hoop to give a 2-tier look!!

monsters inc party04 copy

monsters inc party09 copy

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